About Me


photograph by Rachel Williams

When I was a kid I wanted to be a model, an actress, a teacher, and a writer.  Lack of height, smoking good looks, and talent lost two of those professions for me, but I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the latter two. I’ve spent 11 years in classrooms teaching elementary school, middle school, college, and professionals.  Somehow those pesky high school students have remained elusive—for now.  During this time, I’ve also had the pleasure of dabbling in writing for children, teenagers, and adults in a variety of forms including fiction, poetry, blogs, and nonfiction (check out my publishing credits here).  I even spent several summers immersed in an MFA program in children’s literature at Hollins University (which I suppose isn’t exactly dabbling).   I am, however, ready for the next chapter in my career, and as such, I’ve taken a break from the classroom to focus on my writing (and my two sweet children).  So here it goes…wish me luck—and a published novel.


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