Current Project

I just finished my women’s fiction novel, Mending Seams!  Here’s a rundown:

Boop, a retiree dripping with Southern charm, rustles up a desperate road trip in response to her college-aged granddaughter Eve’s depression.  Boop should know from experience that healing Eve will require more than flirting lessons and a Garlic Festival make-over. Never-the-less, Boop’s frustrated when her feeble efforts yield the same success that the sulfur-laced sip from the Fountain of Youth wrought on her age.  It’s the secret that’s haunted Boop for forty years which might stop Eve from taking her life, but by revealing it, Boop risks losing her family and her own hard-won happiness.  Their journey is an unforgettable love story between a grandmother and a granddaughter. MENDING SEAMS is Fangirl meets Fried Green Tomatoes.

The character of Boop is loosely inspired by my late grandmother, whose hugs and ready laughter I longed for throughout my struggle with depression.  Though depression is an internal conflict, it is shared by one in ten Americans.  Unfortunately, 80% of those struggling with depression don’t get the support they need. Books like this one might help to bridge that gap.

Now, to find an agent and/or publisher…